The strength of a Group

High Technology Industries (HTI)

LEITWIND is part of the group of industrial companies High Technology Industries (HTI).
The High Technology Industries (HTI) Group of industrial companies is operating on a global scale in the areas of ropeways (Leitner, Poma, Bartholet and Agudio), snow groomers, crawler carriers and vegetation management systems (Prinoth and Jarraff), snowmaking and dust binding systems (Demaclenko and WLP), digitalized ski area management (Skadii), wind energy (Leitwind) and hydropower (Troyer).

Working closely with the markets

The Group has production sites in Italy, Austria, France, Germany Slovakia, the United States, India and China. It counts 84 branch offices and 144 outlets and service centres. This allows it to work closely with the reference markets, making the most out of internal synergies. Sharing the same production philosophy and technological assets allows the Group to ensure quality and reliability worldwide. This allows every company to develop their skills to meet even the most demanding requests. 

In 2022, the Group had 4,248 employees and a turnover of € 1,3 billions.