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From the idea to its implementation

LEITWIND is the ideal partner you need. It provides efficient, reliable, and profitable solutions, relying on state-of-the-art technology.

LEITWIND is the ideal partner for executing projects under extreme conditions. LEITWIND’s clients can rely on the Group’s experience and expertise gained over decades of developing cutting-edge systems.

Research and development

LEITWIND is a subsidiary of the HTI Group, which anticipates and implements reference standards in developing optimal products and solutions. LEITWIND focuses on research and development, experimenting with new ideas and innovative technologies. 

Project Management

LEITWIND is always by its client’s side, starting, planning, designing, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing the project. 


LEITWIND manages the international supply chain and has production plants in several countries: 
  • Vipiteno, Italy (Research & Development, Product Care, Project Management and Customer Service)
  • Telfs, Austria (Production of the main components: generators, hubs and frames)
  • Chennai, India (Production of generators, hubs, frames and blades)
  • Gilly-Sur-Isère, France (Production of generators, hubs, frames and power converters)

    Installation and commissioning

    LEITWIND installs and commissions its wind turbines. 
    LEITWIND’s wind turbine design is based on a modular concept. A system that reduces transport and installation costs and allows the installation of wind turbines even in impervious areas.
    Its technology is highly reliable and ensures reduced costs, high energy production, and maximum yield. 

    The innovative frame ensures safety and easy access to all parts needing maintenance. In addition, the modular design allows for quick replacement of the various parts without using a crane or having to dismantle the generator.

    Connection to the grid with IGBT technology

    Modular frequency converters are compatible with the grid and ensure flexibility to meet a wide range of connection parameters and requests from various operators. Moreover, they help manage a wide range of reactive power by also communicating with weaker and/or unstable grids. The multiple electrical circuit increases the reliability of LEITWIND’s wind turbines, ensuring continuity even when the grid is unstable, and the system experiences disruptions. 

    Management, support, and monitoring

    LEITWIND manages and monitors every single wind turbine through its services (field service, 24/7 monitoring, spare part management).

    Through the LEITWIND PARK MANAGER and LEITWIND SCADA software, the entire wind park and the single wind turbine generators can be monitored and controlled remotely.

    The LEITWIND WEB PARKVIEWER is the web portal for our customers, which offers wind turbine monitoring and performance analysis in real time from every possible device online.
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