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LEITWIND offers its customers not only cutting-edge technology, but also the ability to adapt the product to the specific requirements of each single project. The goal is to provide an efficient, reliable and profitable solution.

LEITWIND is the ideal partner for the implementation of projects in extreme conditions. In such projects, LEITWIND customers can benefit from the know-how and skills developed by the entire HTI group over decades.

Research and Development

The HTI Group, to which LEITWIND also belongs, anticipates and sets standards in the development of optimal products and solutions. LEITWIND relies heavily on research and development and has the courage to experiment with new ideas, already working today on the technologies of tomorrow.

Project Management

LEITWIND follows the customer and his project in all its processes: from the start, to the planning, design, execution, monitoring, control and closure of a project.


LEITWIND operates an international supply chain and has production sites in several locations:
  • Vipiteno, Italy (Research & Development, Product Care, Project Management and Customer Service)
  • Telfs, Austria (Production of the main components: generators, hubs and frames)
  • Chennai, India (Production of generators, hubs, frames and blades)
  • Gilly-Sur-Isère, France (Production of generators, hubs, frames and power converters)

    Construction and installation

    LEITWIND is responsible for the construction and commissioning of its wind turbines.
    The design of LEITWIND turbines is based on a modular concept. A system that reduces transport and installation costs and makes it possible to install wind turbines in hard-to-access locations. The technology applied to wind turbines results in an extremely reliable wind turbine with low costs, high energy production and maximum efficiency.

    The innovative construction of the frame guarantees safety and facilitates access to all parts that need maintenance. The modular design allows quick replacement of the various parts without having to disassemble the entire generator and without the aid of a crane.

    Connection to the grid with IGBT technology

    Modular frequency converters provide excellent grid compatibility and the flexibility to meet a wide range of connection parameters and operator requirements. The frequency converters, connected to the grid, also allow to manage a wide range of reactive power, being able to communicate even with weak and/or unstable grids. The multiple electric circuit allows the LEITWIND wind turbine to continue producing even in the case of a failure of one of the plant systems, thus increasing reliability of LEITWIND product.

    Management and monitoring

    LEITWIND also takes care of the management and monitoring of the single wind turbines, through field service, 24/7 monitoring and spare parts management.

    Through the LEITWIND PARK MANAGER and LEITWIND SCADA software, the entire wind park and the single wind turbine generators can be monitored and controlled remotely.

    The LEITWIND WEB PARKVIEWER is the web portal for our customers, which offers wind turbine monitoring and performance analysis in real time from every possible device online.
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