Simplicity and efficiency. The anatomy of a LEITWIND wind turbine:

The patented LEITWIND DirectDrive is at the heart of the entire system. The direct connection between the hub and the generator eliminates the gearbox, an essential part of traditional wind turbines. This concept reduces the number of rotating parts, rotation speed and friction. This increases reliability and decreases wear and maintenance costs.The reduction of rotating parts and therefore friction leads to greater efficiency, meaning that LEITWIND wind turbines are also suitable for areas with less wind.

Modular Design for excellent production at reduced costs

LEITWIND wind turbines are designed around a modular concept. It reduces transport costs and makes the installation of our wind turbines in difficult-to-access places possible. The LEITWIND DirectDrive synchronous generator is part of the support structure leading to a very stiff and robust tower head design, what makes our turbines appropriate also in sophisticated environments like mountainous areas. All electronic parts and the transformer station are integrated in the tower base, rendering external transformer stations obsolete.

Designed to reduce maintenance costs

The frame’s innovative construction guarantees safety and ease of access to all parts which may require maintenance. The modular design permits quick replacement of various parts without dismantling the entire generator, and without using a crane.

A generator that optimizes energy production

The multi-pole synchronous generator with permanent magnets makes the most out of the wind. Everything generated by the induction process is turned into energy. The use of permanent magnets improves energy generation, eliminating the need for electrical excitation of the generator coils. This gives LEITWIND generators huge advantages, especially in the partial load range.

Yaw and pitch control System for top performance

The LEITWIND control system manages all operational procedures on the wind turbine. Based on the real time measurement of various variables like wind speed, wind direction or rotational speed the control system ensures highest energy yield and reliability under all conditions.
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