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Discover LEITWIND technology.
Discover LEITWIND technology.

Low wind, high production.

It's not always true that you need high winds to get high electricity production from a wind turbine. The LTW90 is an evolution of the LTW80, created with the idea of bringing the power of the LTW80 to serve sites with low wind speeds. The result is something exceptional: 3,000 hours equivalent at 5.8 m/s, increasingly required for remote site installations, one-off projects and re-powering.
Available with generators from 900 up to 2,000kW, the LTW90 has other customization options; contact us to find out.

ITALY Vallata (n.1 LTW90 900kW)

Our first LTW90 in Italy. This wind turbine generator developed specially for low wind areas, which guarantees outstanding power generation thanks to its large rotor surface area. This larger 90-meter rotor diameter is accomplished with the rotor blade LS44, which was developed and produced in-house, and is based on the design of the robust and highly reliable LS39 rotor blade from the model LTW80.

Here an overview of the installed LEITWIND turbines

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