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It doesn't matter how strong the wind is blowing against the LTW80 blades, because the "LS39-H" blade model will equip the "Typhoon" version of the LTW80 turbine, one of the most reliable wind turbines on the market: thanks to the advanced direct-drive synchronous generator with permanent magnets, the LTW80 has a very high reliability and productivity compared to all its competitors.
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We know our LTW80 well and it is the most installed LEITWIND turbine in the world, no doubt about it.
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Corum ( 4 LTW80 1000 kW)

The entire wind farm produce approximately 15 million kWh of clean energy per year, equal to the entire annual consumption of the municipality of Corum. The installation of four 1 Mw wind turbines has taken place in the middle of the winter season, in difficult climatic conditions, with very low temperatures (seasonal lows can reach -10°C) and with exposure to strong gusts of wind. There are many factors that have made LEITWIND so competitive in the Turkish market: state-of-the-art technology, the offer of a complete all-inclusive package that includes, in addition to the standard supply of wind turbines, also the management of the design, authorization and construction procedures and the strong local presence: in fact, after LEITNER TURKEY, which opened in May 2012 to follow the ropeway industry, the subsidiary LEITWIND TURKEY opened its doors in Bursa.

Here an overview of the installed LEITWIND turbines

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