2,000 – 3,000 kW

The LTW101 wind turbine is the largest wind turbine model in the LEITWIND portfolio, it was developed to meet the needs of customers who require a turbine that can deliver high power outputs, while ensuring high efficiency and reliability.
2,000 | 2,500 | 3,000 kW
DESIGN DATA  Rated power 2,000 | 2,500 | 3,000 kW
   Hub height  80 / 93.5 m
   Wind class IA / IIIA
GENERATOR Direct Drive  Type Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Synchronous Machine
   Stator Winding  Modular coils with tooth concentrated winding, exchangeable
   Rotor Topology   Modular Permanent Magnets with flux concentration, exchangeable
ROTOR  Rotor diameter  101 m
 Swept Area  8,012 m2
WIND SPEED  Cut-in Wind Speed  3
 Cut-out Wind Speed  25


LTW101 2,000 kW
LTW101 2,500 kW
LTW101 3,000 kW
 m/s   MWh/y  MWh/y  MWh/y
 4.50    3,067  3,109  3,161
 5.00  4,009  4,134  4,249
 5.50  4,974  5,217  5,429
 6.00  5,921  6,315  6,652
 6.50  6,822  7,387  7,872
7.00  7,656  8,403  9,050
7.50  8,406   9,338    10,151
  • Ideal for moderate wind areas
  • Excellent performance thanks to large rotor diameter
  • Ideal for single-turbine projects
  • The largest turbine in the LEITWIND portfolio
  • Guaranteed average technical availability of up to 97%
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  • The blades capture the power of the wind in their rotational motion.

  • The hub transforms the motion of the blades into mechanical power. It also hosts the pitch system.

  • The pitch system controls the power captured by the blades (by varying their angle of attach) and acts as main braking system.

  • The Direct Drive generator is integrated in the main structure and converts mechanical to electrical power.

  • The main frame connects the Direct Drive generator to the tower, it carries the control system and the yaw system.

  • The yaw system allows the nacelle to turn relative to the tower, keeping it upwind.

  • The tower elevates and supports the rest of the structure into the wind. It grants access to nacelle and shelters the energy transforming station at its root.

  • The transforming station accommodates the power electronic and the MV transformer for the connection to the electrical grid.

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Research and development
LEITWIND is a subsidiary of the HTI Group, which anticipates and implements reference standards in developing optimal products and solutions.
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LEITWIND is always by its client’s side, starting, planning, designing, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing the project.
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