Wind turbines could soon return to the Vinschgau Valley, South Tyrol

"In the upper Vinschgau, on the Malser Haide, two wind turbines were installed from 2002 to 2012. [...] The aim was to test whether the Vinschgau wind conditions could successfully support a wind turbine to generate electricity. After ten years of experimental operation, however, it was over. Now the wind has apparently changed [...] “, said provincial governor Arno Kompatscher in the TV programme 'Am Runden Tisch', aired on the regional channel Rai Südtirol on 03.10.2022. Apparently, the discussion on wind power in South Tyrol and in particular in the Vinschgau area resumed with momentum. According to Michael Wunderer, vice-president of the Prato allo Stelvio power station and member of the Vinschgau energy consortium, the circle of interested parties would be very wide including companies, energy cooperatives & consortia, municipalities, but also the population itself. In addition, also the mayor of Malles Thurner spoke in favour of wind power returning to Vinschgau.
As a southtyrolean manufacturer of wind turbines, LEITWIND is pleased to acknowledge that the discussion on wind turbines in South Tyrol have been retaken by the provincial government. 

In fact, and not only because of recent developments regarding the energy crisis and climate change, LEITWIND believes wind energy will become increasingly important worldwide (and thus, also in South Tyrol) in the upcoming years. Indeed, for almost two decades, starting in 2003 with the first wind turbine installation in Malles and later, in 2008/2011 with the proposed wind farm development at the Brenner Pass, the HTI Group has always been concerned in making a concrete contribution in terms of renewable energy production within the national borders. As history unfolded, unfortunately, LEITWIND had to dismantle its wind turbines in Vinschgau, which had been producing green energy for several years for the benefit of the local community. At the same time, the Group’s Brenner wind farm project failed due to the resistance from certain interest groups. However, LEITWIND still defends its belief that for the sake of our local communities’ future we cannot afford - even in South Tyrol - to continue ignoring wind energy as a reliable source of energy. 

In recent years, LEITWIND has developed and built several wind power plants across the World, from Europe to Asia and The Americas, thereby acquiring invaluable expertise. Moreover, the development & technical refinement of LEITWIND wind turbines has been undertaken on an on-going basis ever since, which lead to the production of cutting-edge wind energy generators. 
All these factors help to position LEITWIND as a player that will once again contribute to the installation of clean wind power across South Tyrol.
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