Wind power in ski resorts, the sustainable answer of the HTI Group

Leitwind wind turbines can also show their advantages in ski resorts.

During Interalpin, the Leading International Trade Fair for Alpine Technologies, in the 'HTI Innovation Corner' situated in the Leitner/Prinoth/Demaclenko Booth, the Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Austrian Cable Car Industry Christian Felder and the Sales Managers of Leitwind, Iwan Planatscher, and Troyer ,Hanspeter Schölzhorn, have shown an interesting presentations on the potential of renewable energies in ski resorts.
The HTI Group, to which Leitwind and Troyer belong, establishes itself as the only company in the world able to offer both in-depth know-how of winter technology and green applications designed in full respect of the delicate mountain ecosystem. 
Regarding wind energy LEITWIND believes that it can become a driving force for energy independence and climate protection in Alpine tourism, and represent not only a strategic advantage at the Group level, but also the key to conveying a more sustainable image to all customers and end users. In fact, ski resort entrepreneurs and guests alike are increasingly looking for practical answers in the fight against climate change and energy security, and our Group is poised to lead this change towards a more sustainable future.
Below you can find some photos taken during the talks that took place on Thursday 20/04/2023.
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