Another contribution to a better future for our planet earth!

20/10/2021: In October 2021, LEITWIND successfully installed two new LTW90 wind turbines in the region of Puglia: One LTW90 in Foggia and the second one in Ascoli Satriano (both in the province of Foggia, FG). Each of these new wind turbines has a rated output of 950 kW and a height of 80 m. They are ready to be energized and will be taken into operation in few weeks.

This turbine configuration brings the winning and proven concept of LEITWIND’s technology, guaranteeing excellent performance and low maintenance, to new heights. Thanks to its special features the LTW90 is more efficient than the competitors’ products, especially in low wind conditions.

Currently, the LTW90 is LEITWIND's top product for the Italian market: While some LTW90s were already installed at the beginning of the year 2021 (Ascoli Satriano, Avigliano), five more LTW90 installations are scheduled to be completed by the end of the year in the regions of Basilicata, Puglia and Calabria.
Mario Capobianco (PM, LEITWIND) about the projects:
“It makes me proud that we were able to complete these installations on time. Although the terrain was not particularly complex from a geomorphological point of view, the strong wind during the lifting work put our team on the site to the test. Thanks to a great teamwork, which always plays a key role in stressful situations, we were able to successfully overcome the challenges and completed the installations.”