A new iteration of LEITWIND turbines in north Germany are helping to protect the environment by producing renewable energy cheaply at the site where it will be used
While hundreds of thousands of young people gathered in squares all over the world earlier this year to protest about the environment, in the north of Germany practical action to protect the environment was celebrated with a new generation of LEITWIND wind turbines, the new LTW42. “Together with our partners we’ve invested money, resources and a huge amount of effort in developing an efficient, compact and small-sized wind turbine capable of producing clean energy from the wind at the site where the energy will be consumed,” explained Anton Seeber, president of the Leitner group, a participant in the b.ventus start-up, the key player in this new business challenge. On 15 March at Steinfeld, in Schleswig-Holstein, close to the border with Denmark, the first LTW42 wind turbine of its kind was officially inaugurated. A further 49 turbines will be installed by the end of 2020. The first calculations on the installation in SchleswigHolstein demonstrate that the turbine will supply the customer’s agricultural business with 660MW of self-produced electricity annually, with a reduction of CO2 emissions equal to 370 tonnes. Aside from the advantages of LEITWIND’s proven technology, such as its quiet DirectDrive system, the small size and low height of the hub, at 28m, also play a part in the new turbine’s success. In Germany only a simple building permit is required for an installation like this, so on average it takes only six to 12 months from signing the contract to commissioning. The wind turbine is also specially designed to meet the energy needs of small- to medium-sized businesses, enabling them to produce clean energy ‘in house’ without CO2 emissions. And finally, because of the installation’s excellent efficiency and expected life of at least 20 years, the cost is depreciable over six to 10 years.
Major contribution For Seeber, the installation of this first wind farm marks a milestone in LEITWIND’s history, which now stretches back more than 15 years. “What’s particularly impressive is that, for this installation, we worked successfully with our partners to quickly develop an innovative solution, a real technological tour de force, capable of producing renewable energy cheaply and efficiently from the wind, once again demonstrating our research and development prowess,” he said. “This project makes a major contribution to renewable energy and to saving our planet, and this is something of which we’re really proud.”
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