The LTW42 250 kW / 500 kW wind turbine has received the certification “Einheitenzertifikat”

The issuance of the “Einheitszertifikat” for the 250 kW / 500 kW turbine configurations of the LTW42 is another important milestone for the commercialization of the LEITWIND LTW42.

Just over a year ago, LEITWIND, a manufacturer of megawatt-class wind turbines with patented DirectDrive technology, installed the second LTW42 with rated power 250 kW in Germany. The turbine located in Ketzin, near Potsdam, prevents the annual emission of more than 400,000 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere and simultaneously creates the possibility to consume the generated electricity directly on-site.
In Germany, onshore wind power plants with a total capacity of 58 GW are currently in operation; by 2030, the nationwide capacity is intended to be increased to a total of 115 GW. To achieve this ambitious goal, the current installation rates would have to be significantly increased, while also minimizing bureaucratic hurdles. Currently, the process of obtaining planning permission can take several years.
This is one of the reasons why LEITWIND's 250 kW LTW42 configuration is the ideal solution for the German market. Normally, wind turbines can only be installed in specific so-called 'priority' areas, but for the LEITWIND LTW42 turbine, thanks to its dimensional characteristics, there is a simplified authorisation procedure and a much more streamlined approval process.
At end August, the globally active and professionally recognized certification body UL Solutions granted LEITWIND “Einheitszertifikat” for the LTW42 wind turbine in the 250 kW and 500 kW configurations. 
Obtaining this certificate represents an important milestone for commercializing the product LTW42 on the German market. This in fact certifies the wind turbine's conformity with guidelines 37-GC-P0853 based on the VDE-AR-N 4110 (technical rules for connecting customer plants to the medium-voltage grid and their operation) and the FGW technical guidelines parts 8, 4, and 3.
"For LEITWIND, this certification is a milestone that marks the final entry of this turbine model into the German market. In addition to the advantages in terms of approval, construction, and operation, this turbine also integrates intelligently into the energy mix with other renewable power sources and storage systems, such as hybrid systems and hydrogen power plants. With the LTW42 250 kW, companies can cover their electricity consumption in an environmentally friendly way and reduce costs as well as the risk of sharply rising energy prices in the future," emphasizes the CEO Anton Seeber.
This photo shows the wind turbine LTW42 250 kW in Ketzin, Germany
Photo Credits: Klaus Rockenbauer