January 2019 saw the completion of installation works on an LTW80 H65 1 MW turbine in the Aliağa district in the province of Izmir, Western Turkey, in a hilly area not far from the Aegean Sea.
The construction works were completed in a little over two months: LEITWIND took care of the reinforced concrete foundations and all civil engineering works necessary for traffic systems within the facility, along with the electrical infrastructures essential for connection to the network. The electromechanical installation of the wind turbine was completed in January, in the middle of winter, under extremely poor weather conditions and in a geographical area exposed to high winds. An additional challenge was represented by the geomorphology of the land, which is especially rugged and characterized by steeply sloping hillsides, making the civil engineering works even more difficult. Despite the environmental difficulties, LEITWIND was able to complete the works within the agreed deadlines.

The installation confirms once again the success of the 1 MW LTW80 in the Land of the Sultans. The concept underpinning the design of this wind turbine is the need to maintain high performance and availability over time.
The DirectDrive system, which is made up of a limited number of moving parts, makes it possible for the components to operate at low loads and therefore guarantee a high standard of quality in the long term.

In addition to the advanced technology provided by the wind turbines, there are a series of factors that make LEITWIND so competitive within the Turkish market, namely the offer of an all-inclusive package that includes not just traditional supply, installation and maintenance of the turbines but also procedures associated with planning, design, construction and authorization of the entire facility.