Thanks to the new installations in 2023, LEITWIND is strengthening its position globally.

In 2023, LEITWIND installed the first wind turbines in three new markets; the company is now present in 19 states.

LEITWIND now has more than 400 wind turbines installed worldwide, more than 50 per cent of which are located in Europe. Italy is currently the country with the highest concentration of wind turbines and a significant local presence. However, in recent years, characterised by a deep energy crisis, new opportunities have opened up in many other markets in search of energy differentiation solutions, thus enabling LEITWIND to expand its product range to an increasingly wide and international audience.

LEITWIND distinguishes itself from leading manufacturers through its 'project-centric' approach. Thanks to the modularity of its wind turbines and its extensive product portfolio, the company is able to offer the optimal solution for each project. Thanks to its ability to adapt to customer needs and market trends, LEITWIND reached important milestones in 2023 with its first installations in three new states.

In September, an important chapter in LEITWIND's history was sealed with the completion of its first installation in Slovenia, namely in Razdrto, in the municipality of Postonia. This achievement is of considerable importance, as the installed wind power installation, LTW42 250kW with a 28-metre high tower, is the third wind power installation ever in this state with considerable resource potential for the transition to a more sustainable energy mix. But Slovenia is not the only new state where LEITWIND has made its entrance in 2023. This past winter, the company installed its first LTW80 1,000 kW H 65 wind turbine in Belgium and the first two LTW80 1,500 kW H 80 turbines in Turkmenistan. The latter two wind turbines are located in the Karakum Desert, about 115 kilometres from the famous 'Gates of Hell', and are part of the first hybrid renewable energy plant in the entire country.

This expansion into new markets is propelling the company onto an ever larger international stage: LEITWIND wind turbines are now in operation in 19 countries around the world.
"LTW42 250 kW, Razdrto, Slovenia", Photo Credits: Klaus Rockenbauer