Excellent year 2020 for LEITWIND turbines in Corum (TR)

26/04/2021: Strong performances in Turkey highlight the quality and reliability of LEITWIND wind turbines

Proven technology, advanced performance and high reliability: these are only some of the reasons why customers choose LEITWIND. Clean, decentralized wind-energy generation is LEITWIND’s mission. The Italian manufacturer produces gearless wind turbines equipped with a highly reliable, permanent magnet synchronous generator named DirectDrive. DirectDrive is LEITWIND’s guarantee for low maintenance requirements, lower operating costs, and higher efficiency rates. LEITWIND’s product portfolio include a full range of WTGs, ranging from 250 kW to 3 MW, featuring different combinations of rotor diameters and tower heights, enabling a tailor-made wind turbine satisfying every customer’s need.

Since 2018, 4 LEITWIND turbines supply the Turkish region of Anatolia with green, locally sourced wind energy. The 4 LTW80 1,0 MW wind turbines with a hub height of 65 meters were installed by the municipality of Corum, amidst the mountainous region of Samsun, at 1100m sea level.
Only few years in operation, the wind farm already highlights great energy generation metrics. Indeed, during 2020 the 4 LTW80 1,0 MW featured excellent energy production and a high technical availability. Said stellar performances were driven especially by LEITWIND´s service and maintenance units, which leveraged the wind farm’s energy potential. In fact, the wind farm of Corum was one of the most efficient and best wind farms operating on Turkish soil during 2020.
Following up, some facts and figures which underline the advanced performance of the 4 LTW80 LEITWIND turbines, installed in Corum:

Outstanding Technical Availability
LEITWIND has perfectly met the site requirements of Corum and the 4 LTW80, which require very little maintenance given their gearless design and high-quality materials, have shown strong availability metrics of up to about 97,3%.
Very high annual energy production
Overall, the energy produced by the wind farm in Corum even exceeded the expectations: During 2020, the annual energy production yielded about 16.1 Gigawatt hours, even with medium average wind speeds of around 7 m/s. Mission accomplished: the energy generated by the 4 LTW is enough to cover the entire energy requirements of the municipality of Corum.
LEITWIND Country Manager Can Guven expressed his satisfaction for this success story:
“There are many factors that make LEITWIND competitive especially in the Turkish market: Modern technology, a strong local presence and a comprehensive all-inclusive offer, which includes standard delivery of the wind turbine generators, project engineering, organization, obtainment of authorizations and the construction itself.The newest regulation on unlicensed electricity generation in the electricity market in Turkey, which is highly liberal, offers equal opportunities for both consumers and producers LEITWIND offers a full portfolio from 0.25 MW to 3.0 MW, with different rotor diameter and tower height combinations adapting every project to customer’s needs.We believe that visionary SMEs, as well as large organizations like Municipalities and public istitutions (Hospitals,Universities) can substantially reduce their energy costs. This is majorly due to the cutting-edge LEITWIND technology, as well as the innovative Turkish energy legislation which, if harnessed together, will create massive value generation in the future.”

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