Installation of the first LTW90 wind turbine was completed in Vallata (AV) in October 2018. This turbine, which has a rated power of 900 kW and stands 75 m tall, brings the winning and now proven concept of LEITWIND’s technology, guaranteeing excellent performance and low maintenance, to new heights. In addition to the supply and installation contract, the customer also signed a 15-year service contract.
The LTW90 model was installed on high ground in Vallata: the morphology of the terrain and constraints affecting access roads to the site added complexity to this project, which was a challenge for those who worked on it.

“By transporting and raising the components on such a difficult site in conditions of poor visibility during the approach to winter, our team demonstrated its capabilities even in the most extreme conditions,” explains project manager Mattia Modenese.

The turbine chosen was the LTW90, following a careful assessment of suitability set out in a technical document entitled “Wind and Site Evaluation” written by LEITWIND’s technical office: the site is classed as type IIIA/IIIA+, with relatively low winds and little turbulence. The LTW90 wind turbine has a large rotor diameter and a relatively low rated power, so its production is high compared to other wind turbines of the same power: these are the characteristics that make it more efficient than competitors’ products, especially in low wind conditions.

“The company’s excellent reputation in the wind turbine sector prompted us to choose LEITWIND. In particular, being able to install the LTW90 for this project was the best solution in terms of the wind farm’s production and profitability. For the future we are planning new projects in Puglia, Basilicata and Campania using LEITWIND turbines because we know, based on previous experience, how they perform in the field,” explains Lorenzo Lucchini, Project Manager at Lazzari&Lucchini, LEITWIND’s customer.