LEITWIND was honored with an award for its special focus on topics such as the inclusion and integration of youth from refugees reception centers.

On June 20, 2022 LEITWIND Service was awarded the prize for companies that make a special commitment to the integration and inclusion of young people from refugees reception centers.
The award ceremony, held in the municipality of Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, was attended by various personalities who have actively participated in this initiative, including Marco Morcone, Councillor for Legality, Security and Immigration of the Campania Region, Luigi D'Angelis, President of the Consortium of Social Services of Upper Irpinia, the managers of the reception centers of Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, Bisaccia, Lacedonia and the mayors of the municipalities involved.

LEITWIND Service was awarded as a company that makes integration one of its fundamental principles and works consciously and intensively for integration through work, as shown by the story of Bubacar Kante, who came to Italy 8 years ago as a refugee and today leads the coordination of a team in the LEITWIND office in Lacedonia (AV)
Bubacar Kante came to Italy eight years ago as a refugee because of the deteriorating economic situation caused by the civil war in Mali. When he arrived in Italy, he did not know Italian. With much effort and diligence, he managed to learn the Italian language. At the same time, he was hired as an intern at LEITWIND for 6 months in 2018, where he was able to gain experience in the field of renewable energy and his passion for wind energy was awakened. 

Bubacar Kante said that the warm welcome he received from the team was crucial, among other things, because it made him feel integrated and appreciated from the very beginning. At the end of the internship, he was offered a temporary contract, which was converted into a permanent contract last year due to his commitment and the seriousness of his work.

"When I started working I had no experience in this field of work, LEITWIND gave me a great opportunity to grow professionally but also personally, I really like my job, I am very happy here - and one thing is for sure, always remember to set more goals to grow even more, like I did and will do in the future!" 

Bubacar Kante