LEITWIND LTW80 and LTW90: achieving excellence in performance through simplicity and reliability

LEITWIND broke into the Greek market in February 2019 in Alexandroupolis with the installation of a 3-MW LTW101, the largest turbine produced by the Company, who can generate a maximum of 8,3 GWh per year, a quantity of energy which meets the electrical need of 2200 households in Greece.
Nevertheless, things did not stop there, over the years, more negotiations and orders followed and now there are other 5 LEITWIND wind turbines in Greece: during 2021 LEITWIND has installed other five wind generators in central Greece, 1000 meters above sea level, just 5 km from the Gulf of Corinth coast in two different wind parks named Gaidourorachi and Ipsoma. The five LTW80 wind generators together are expected to produce circa 24.450 MWh/year of energy, supplying 6500 households in Greece with locally-sourced wind energy.

The complex morphology of the Greek terrain and the very specific wind characteristics allow LEITWIND to offer both of the two key products for the platform 1,5 MW : LTW80 and LTW90.
Our LTW80 model is the LEITWIND’s most sold wind generator across the world: it is known for its robust and cutting-edge technology, which provides customers with great power generation efficiency highly reliability.
The LTW90, instead, has been developed for more low wind areas, and thanks to its large rotor surface area can guarantee an outstanding power generation.
LTW90 is an evolution of the LTW80, created with the idea of bringing the power of the LTW80 to serve sites with low wind speeds. The result is something exceptional: 3,000 hours equivalent at 5.8 m/s, increasingly required for remote site installations, one-off projects and re-powering.

The European commission 21/12/2021 have approved that about 80% of electricity in the Greek islands is currently produced with diesel and oil. Due to the saturation of the grids, it is necessary to add storage facilities to the renewable electricity production units in order to increase the share of renewable energy sources in the electricity system of these islands for the local users with the objective of reducing the cost of energy consumption. That is why the LEITWIND product range can be the solution for the Greek market.  

It might seem that logistics and the installation of wind turbines on small islands can be critical, but the modularity of LEITWIND wind turbines makes everything easier: it guarantees the installation of wind turbines in areas that are difficult to reach, while at the same time saving on transport costs.
In 2021 Leitwind completed a successful project in the island of Guadalupe where six wind turbines of LTW80 model have been installed with a capacity of 1.65 MW which will ensure a production of 23,000,000 kWh of green energy for the local electricity grid of the Caribbean island, contributing substantially to the pioneering effort of the island on the green energy front.

“The world is currently going through a difficult period due firstly to the consequences of the Covid pandemic and then to the current global political situation. The increase of gas prices and by extension electricity prices is a major challenge. In order to be more energetically independent and prevent the climate crisis, there is only one possible long-term solution: reducing the use of natural gas and implementing the transition to renewable energies. Thanks to synergies within the HTI Group (High Technology Industries), LEITWIND is able to customize its products accessible to the medium and small investors to the specific conditions of every site as well as to specific project constraints” affirms Davide Albani, Head of Business Unit Leitwind.

You find the link to the original article published on Energy Press, the Greek Energy News Portal, here https://bit.ly/3raAFa1