LEITWIND: Investments and Certifications in the Megawatt Wind Market

The continuous optimization of product performance and ongoing investments in Research & Development are fundamental aspects for a technological company. Indeed, LEITWIND is constantly committed to the improvement and achievement of compliance for its wind turbines in accordance with the regulations in the various markets where they are marketed.
In recent years, LEITWIND has focused its efforts mainly on obtaining the necessary electrical certifications, as regulatory requirements in various countries, especially in Europe, are becoming increasingly stringent. 
In Italy, for example, within the framework of the CEI-016 regulation, LEITWIND conducted a measurement campaign with the certifying body KIWA, one of the global leaders in the Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) sector. It was a complex process because, in addition to a laboratory testing campaign, tests were conducted directly on wind turbines installed.
LEITWIND obtained all the correct test reports prescribed by the standard and necessary to draft the Generator Declaration, therefore, it is pleased to announce that the certification process for Italy has been successfully concluded.
Thanks to the flexibility in meeting the most complex requirements and attention to compliance with current regulations, LEITWIND now has more than 400 wind turbines installed worldwide. The company continues to focus on niche projects such as small wind farms and self-consumption projects because this currently allows it to stand out in a vast landscape where there are fewer and fewer wind turbine manufacturers with rotor diameters less than 100 meters. 
"Although the demand for small and/or medium-sized wind turbines represents only a small percentage of the entire market, it is interesting to note the growing interest in our products applied to repowering projects of numerous wind farms located in areas where, for logistical reasons, it is difficult to install large wind turbines. The modular concept of LEITWIND wind turbine design offers numerous advantages from production to maintenance and especially in logistics, simplifying transportation operations and making installation possible even in sites with difficult accessibility" Paola Oldani, Head of Sales LEITWIND.