Leitwind installs the first LTW90 in Turkey

On 23/05/2023 the installation of the first LTW90 in Turkey was successfully completed.

LEITWIND is proud to announce that on 23/05/2023, the installation of the first LTW90 wind turbine with a rated power of 1500 kW and a tower height of 80 metres was completed in Turkey.
This new wind turbine is located in the municipality of Lüleburgaz, situated in the province of Kırklareli. Kırklareli is sited in the Marmara Region, on the western slopes of the Istranca mountain range in the historical region of Eastern Thrace, 212 km north-west of Istanbul and borders Bulgaria to the north along a 180 km border.
This installation is also particularly relevant because it is the first installation of the D4.1 generator in Europe.
This generator is designed to optimise the electrical connection of our LD converters. This leads to benefits in electrical power control and efficient use of brakes, compliance with grid codes and reduced noise emission. In addition, this generator has a structure that can accommodate active parts for higher power wind turbines up to 2.0MW as well as ensure the accurate maintenance of the air gap.
The installation of wind turbines has many advantages, including reduced dependence on fossil fuels and greater energy independence: the annual output of this wind turbine meets the average annual consumption of more than 1.100 Turkish households.
This photo shows the installation of the first LEITWIND LTW90 wind turbine with a rated power of 1500 kW in Turkey
Photo Credits: Klaus Rockenbauer