05/08/2021: Sardinia is not only beaches ... it's much more than this ... indeed, it is an island of unspoiled landscapes, crystal-clear water, endless horizons, ancient archaeological sites, and towns rich in tradition just waiting to be explored and experienced.

With the installation of its first wind turbine in Sardinia, LEITWIND is supplying those twenty-four thousand kilometers of shores, forests and countryside with clean, locally sourced wind energy. More precisely, it is the municipality of Luras (SS) in the North-eastern part of the island which hosts the first LEITWIND LTW77 wind turbine on Sardinian soil. The town is widely known in the area for its strong agriculture and traditional crafts dating back as long as the Neolithic.

This debut is thought of being one of the hallmark projects of LEITWIND for the year 2021, not only because the LTW77 is the first of its kind in Sardinia, but also due to the perfect project management which included timed components delivery, careful building site planning and a successful construction. The gearless LTW77, the most installed wind turbine worldwide in the last 10 years by LEITWIND, was specifically tailored to the site conditions of Luras, hence enabling optimal energy production metrics. Sardinia, be ready: LEITWIND´s LTW77 (0,950 MW hh65m) is successfully installed and is ready to produce green energy soon!

"This project represents a turning point for LEITWIND, a beginning that we believe will lead the way for many other new installations in Sardinia. The presence of LEITWIND in 10 different regions of Italy confirms our role as market leader in the 1MW class. We are convinced that wind energy should play a key role in the energy transition, as evidenced by the rapid growth of this sustainable energy source on a global scale, and we are thrilled to contribute to this cause," so Davide Albani, Head of the LEITWIND Business Unit.