LEITWIND installs five new wind turbines in Greece

12/04/2021: Two new wind parks will supply the land of the gods with green energy.
Great things begin by stepping-out of comfort zones: A citation which perfectly fits LEITWIND´s intense and challenging start into the year 2021. Already in the first few months of the year, LEITWIND successfully installed five new wind generators on Greek terrain. Due to the insidious morphological conditions of the steep Greek coastline, bespoken installations were even more complex and demanding as usual. Moreover, the installations are divided over two different wind parks named Gaidourorachi and Ipsoma, fact which demanded perfect project organization and execution skills.
All of the five turbines installed were LTW80 models, which is LEITWIND’s most sold wind generator across the world, and that for a good reason. Indeed, the LTW80 is known for its cutting-edge and proven technology, which provides customers with great power generation efficiency while being highly reliable and… virtually unstoppable!
Project “Gaidourorachi”: Two LTW80 (1.5 MW HH80m, each)
Amidst the brilliant scenery between the Corinthian Gulf and the Parnassus mountain chain, featuring exciting contrasts ranging from rocky cliffs to crystal-clear water, LEITWIND installed two LTW80 (1.5 MW HH80m) which will harness the powerful winds of the area. The realization of bespoken wind park, which is called Gaidourorachi, follows other successful LEITWIND projects in Greece.

Project “Ipsoma”: Three LTW80 (1.5 MW HH50m, each)
Close to Gaidourorachi wind park, LEITWIND also realized the Ipsoma wind farm. The three LTW80 (1.5 MW HH50m) wind turbines are located on a slope at the foot of the mountain Parnassos, which is the most famous ski resort in Greece. Due to the dimensions of the various components, as well as the challenging street conditions, transport and logistics were very difficult to handle. However, thanks to the proven LEITWIND planning and organization capabilities, the wind turbines were all installed on time.
The five LTW80 wind generators are ready to be energized and will be spinning in a few weeks, supplying the “land of the gods” with green, locally sourced wind energy. The wind turbines are expected to produce a total of 24450 MWh/year of energy, supplying 6500 households in Greece with clean energy.