LEITWIND presents the new LTW90 wind turbine. Specially developed for areas with less wind, the LTW90 guarantees excellent energy production even in less than optimal conditions. This is possible thanks to the larger rotor area, with a diameter of 90 metres, completed with the LS44 blade; a blade entirely produced by LEITWIND, developed from the LS39, the blade of the LTW80 model, characterised by high reliability and robustness.
The new LTW90 wind turbine is available in different configurations: 900 kW, 1.0 MW, 1.5 MW and 2.00 MW. This wide range of configurations allows LEITWIND to meet optimally all market requirements.

Unique in its segment, the LTW90 1.0 MW is characterised by a large rotor diameter and a relatively low nominal power, which allows for a high production output compared to other aero-generators of the same power: these are the features that make it a more efficient product compared to competitors' proposals, especially in low wind conditions. Compared to the LTW80 1.0 MW model, this wind turbine allows a 17% higher output at an average wind speed of 6 m/s, a value that increases to 23% at an average wind speed of 5 m/s.

The LTW90 is built according to LEITWIND's usual modular direct drive concept, with a permanent magnet synchronous generator - a system that has already been installed on four hundred installations - and independent electrical systems with LeitDrive frequency converters that allow connection to the grid using IGBT technology. The 1.5 MW and 2.0 MW versions use the new D4.1 generator with water-cooled stator.

The new LTW90 is available with different tower heights - from 65 to 105 metres - to optimally adapt to the morphological conditions of the installation site and any requirements imposed by the authorisation process. The choice of a very tall tower, with a height of 105 m for example, is better suited to very flat and low-wind sites, while smaller towers are better suited to more mountainous and hilly terrain.

LTW90 is an extremely interesting product, especially for countries such as Italy and Poland, where, in addition to low wind conditions, there are specific regulatory restrictions that make people opt for wind farms characterised by medium-large rotors and nominal powers not exceeding 1.0 MW. In early 2018, LTW90 1.5 MW obtained Type Certification for compliance with GL2010 guidelines.

From the first LTW90 prototype, a model with a nominal power of 1.5 MW installed in 2016 in India and proved to be perfectly efficient, we have now arrived at the first order: a 900 kW LTW90 wind turbine destined for the Italian market.