Outstanding quality is one of LEITWIND’s values. To meet this standard in spite of the constantly changing requirements, the After Sales department of LEITWIND focused on increasing quality and efficiency in 2017. All technicians have to take part in regular continuing professional development (CPD) courses to keep their expertise up to date.
From September 2017 on, they will be able to use the new e-learning software UPilot in addition to the previous classroom training. UPilot cannot completely replace courses with practical components, but the software can support them. This change is intended to cultivate a central, rapid and location-independent CPD process. Like its installations, LEITWIND’s technicians work worldwide. Combined with the different levels of technician, this geographic diversity made it difficult to organize joint training courses locally. The UPilot software solves all these problems, as the “training courses” are tailored individually for the technician’s level technicians can work through them, for the first time or as a refresher, whenever they want. The software permits both faster evaluation of results and an assessment of the time each individual employee invests. That makes the software a useful tool for managing and increasing the quality of personnel skills.
“All of the feedback we received from employees since the software was rolled out has been positive. In particular, they welcome the ability to work through the content wherever they are. We plan to expand the software to distribution of general documents in the near future, to ensure that the information is really received,” reports Peter RABANSER, Director of the Service department.