CATERINA BALDO, from Trentino, has been working as a project manager for three years at LEITWIND and LEITNER ropeways, at the company headquarters in Vipiteno (Bolzano).
How did you come to be a project manager at LEITWIND?
The LEITNER Group, which LEITWIND is part of, is an international company that is well known throughout Italy. As soon as I’d finished my technical studies, I just sent off my application on the spur of the moment. I’ve now been part of this great group for six years. I started out working in the Quality department, but I’ve been one of the project managers in the LEITWIND and LEITNER ropeways team for three years now.
The work of a project manager is very varied: you pull together and manage all the threads in a wide range of processes and, obviously, between various departments. I have overall responsibility for starting, planning, designing, carrying out, monitoring, inspecting and completing a project.
How is a typical day in the life of a LEITWIND project manager?
There’s no such thing as a typical day, really. Of course, we follow the progress of our projects with the greatest attention and we obviously try to complete our work within the given timeframe. We face new challenges every day: the project manager’s purpose is to act as a ‘translator’ for the project, interacting with the client, construction companies and the internal team on a daily basis. All this has to be delivered within the framework of cost, timings and quality of the project. This means that no two days are alike, and I get to develop day by day and always learn something new.
What is particularly important in your work as a project manager?
Personally, I think it is particularly important to really know your clients, to visit the construction site and to understand the heritage and the local area where the project is being developed. After all, we don’t just work with machines, we work with people as well: for a project manager, easy communication and mutual understanding can make work a lot easier.
Why did you decide to work as a ropeway and wind-power project manager?
I find both wind turbines and ropeway systems really interesting: they are often large and complex projects. Every project is different: there is always something new to learn, individual solutions to be found and a wide range of challenges to be addressed.
Describe LEITWIND and its team in three words.
Ours is a young and very helpful team. In our sector, processes aren’t fixed, but change from project to project, so we are privileged to be able to work with a lot of freedom and initiative.
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