In the Greek region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, near the Turkish border and the Aegean Sea, the construction of an LTW101 3,0 MW wind turbine generator with a hub height of 93.5 meters shall be completed in August 2018. The supply contract signed by LEITWIND in June of 2017 includes the planning, delivery, installation, and commissioning of a LTW101 3,0 MW turbine on the customer’s property (Techniki Ergon) in Alexandroupolis. The LTW101 3,0 MW is the largest wind turbine generator currently offered by LEITWIND.
In the area surrounding Alexandroupolis, wind turbine generators are not new, yet it will be the first installation by LEITWIND in this area; it will be the first in Greece. A country that, after years of recession, is relaunching and in which LEITWIND wants to become an important player. The authorization of the project foresees the construction of a wind turbine generator with a maximum power output of 2,6 MW. This means that the LTW101 will be able to generate a maximum of 8.3 GWh per year (the needs of 2,200 households in Greece).
Without a doubt, the quality and high performance of the LTW101 were crucial factors for the client in selecting a wind turbine generator from LEITWIND. The high degree of flexibility and organizational capacities, even for a single installation, which characterized LEITWIND has played an important role for the customer. An expansion of the project in Alexandroupolis is planned in addition to an extension of LEITWIND wind turbine generators in the Greek market where especially due to geographical circumstances small and medium-sized wind turbine generators will be used. LEITWIND, specialized in the construction of small wind turbine generators and small wind farms, is the best solution for customers as proven by hundreds of installed wind turbine generators worldwide.
As Marco Tosi, Sales Manager of LEITWIND, explains, "The project represents our commitment to grow also in new markets: the order in Greece is a strong signal in this sense. We believe that the Greek market has a good potential and we are very happy with the success of this project, which is in line with the strategy LEITWIND has been following for years.
Panagiotis Gkiokas, member of the board of directors of Techniki Ergon SA, the company that commissioned the installation of the LEITWIND wind turbine, said: "We chose LEITWIND as our partner in this adventure, because of their DirectDrive technology and, most importantly, because they were willing to install a single turbine in a very tight time frame."