A sustainable gift that brings joy to everyone: This Christmas, LEITWIND is giving away "Treedom" trees.

Sustainability is a concept that plays a key role for LEITWIND, just like "Treedom”, an Italian platform that enables people to plant trees around the world. Once the trees have been purchased from the online portal, they are then planted by local farmers in regions of the world such as Nepal, Cameroon or Kenya, thus contributing to increase environmental, social and economic values.

Treedom makes it possible to follow online the history of each tree planted online, receiving updates on its growth and the benefits it brings to local communities. Besides being a project that is good for our planet, it also encourages people to invest in these countries.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), an estimated 7.3 million hectares of forest are lost each year due to deforestation, meaning that every second 1,5 hectares of forest disappear from the earth. Trees and forests are vital to our ecosystem, which is why planting them now is more important than ever.  

This Christmas Leitwind has decided to give a "Treedom" tree to all customers who have installed a LEITWIND wind turbine in 2021. 

Thanks to this initiative, those who choose LEITWIND as their partner will further contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future!