2021: LEITWIND´s success story in Greece continues

In 2019, the first LEITWIND turbine was successfully installed on Greek Terrain close to Alexandropolis, located in the regions of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace near the Turkish border and the Aegean Sea. The customer's choice fell on the most powerful wind generator in LEITWIND´s portfolio: The LTW101 3.0 MW, featuring a hub height of 93,5 meters. The LTW101 is able to generate a maximum of 8,3 GWh per year, a quantity of energy which meets the electrical need of 2200 households in Greece.

Last year in 2021 LEITWIND successfully installed further five wind generators in Greece. These installations are divided over two different wind parks named Gaidourorachi and Ipsoma. All of the five turbines installed are LTW80 models, which is LEITWIND's most sold wind generator across the world. 
Indeed, the LTW80 is known for its cutting-edge technology, which provides customers with great power generation efficiency while being highly reliable and virtually unstoppable. The five LTW80 wind generators are expected to produce a total of circa 24.450 MWh/year of energy, supplying 6500 households in Greece with locally-sourced wind energy.

We are glad to announce the publication of a new video made in collaboration of Just Maria which shows the different steps of the installation, you find it here