2021: A successful year for LEITWIND

The beginning of the year is the ideal time to take stock of what has just ended: We can consider 2021 a successful year for LEITWIND thanks to the various installations completed in: Greece, Guadeloupe (where six typhoon-resistant turbines were installed) and of course Italy.

In Italy, the new wind turbines were installed mainly in the regions of Apulia and Basilicata where the LTW90, thanks to its large rotor diameter and high power output, is the top product for the Italian market. Furthermore, in the summer of 2021 LEITWIND celebrated its debut in Sardinia, precisely in the municipality of Luras (SS), with the LEITWIND LTW77 wind turbine. 

Photo: LTW90 Ascoli Satriano (FG)
In addition to the numerous completed installations, new supply contracts were also signed which will enable the installation of more than 10 new LEITWIND wind turbines already in the first half of the year. Some of these contracts include the delivery of the LTW42 model (in 250 or 500 kW configuration). The LTW42 is the smallest wind turbine in the LEITWIND range and was developed with the decentralised production of low-cost renewable energy and its direct consumption in mind.
Thanks to its various applications, it is an additional solution in the fight against climate change.

Photo: Installation LTW80 typhoon-resistant wind turbine, Guadalupe