LEITWIND Customer Care

LEITWIND CUSTOMER CARE emerges from the need to offer a high-quality value added service for its wind turbines. Thanks to the way in which it manages its competencies, LEITWIND controls and plans assistance processes and optimises them while minimising waiting times. However, the real added value is the ongoing relationship and constructive dialogue with our customers.

LEITWIND CUSTOMER CARE is divided into 3 sectors:


  1. Ordinary maintenance to improve reliability through a proactive Approach.
  2. Extraordinary maintenance to eliminate reliability problems in the most direct manner possible in response to a wind turbine malfunction.
  3. Retrofits, focused on honing the operation of the wind turbine and performed after creating an action plan approved by the head office in Vipiteno.


24-hour monitoring is managed by the CMS (Central Monitoring Station). When a wind turbine experiences a problem, the CMS detects it instantly and tries to resolve it remotely.

If the problem requires a different kind of assistance, the CMS contacts WTO (WIND TURBINE OPERATION), which, after finding the solution to the problem in collaboration with the responsible, proceeds to on-site intervention.


Materials management is the basis for logistics operations and includes acquisition, planning and handling.

All LEITWIND warehouses are interlinked via the main warehouse in Vipiteno, which supplies them and controls their management, after subjecting the purchased materials to quality control.

Service Hotline

Service Hotline +39 0472 727 000