Grid Integration


Grid connection with IGBT converter

Modular frequency converters provide excellent grid compatibility and the option to adapt to a vast range of connection and operator’s requirements. Frequency converters that are connected to the grid can handle a wide reactive power range, and even support weak and unstable grids. A multiple electric circuit increases the reliability of a LEITWIND turbine by allowing production at a lower output in case of failure of a plant system.

Compliance with grid codes (CEI 0-16, etc.)

  • Active power control
  • Reactive power control
  • LVRT Low Voltage Ride Through
  • Frequency peak - HVRT High Voltage Ride Through

LeitDrive - The Custom-made Converter

The new LeitDrive is a state-of-the-art 4Q frequency converter developed and built completely by LEITNER ropeways. The in-house engineering enables an unprecedented level of adaptation to customer needs and therefore a highly suited and economic choice for our clients.

For more information please download our LeitDrive info sheet.

Multiple electric circuit

The multiple electric circuit allows the wind turbine to continue producing at a lower output even in the case of a failure of one of the plant systems, thus increasing reliability. Therfore, it is an important part of the LEITWIND modular wind turbine design.

Multiple electric circuit

Monitoring System


LEITWIND PARK MANAGER gives the opportunity to control and manage single wind turbines or an entire wind park in real time. The main Park Manager functions at a glance:
• Real-time monitoring of the park and individual wind turbines
• Managing active and reactive power output of the wind park
• Interface to the grid operators for dispatching commands
• Reporting


LEITWIND SCADA enables real-time control, management and monitoring of every individual wind turbine, or the entire wind farm.


LEITWIND WEB PARKVIEWER is the web portal for our customers, which offers turbine monitoring and real-time performance analysis from every possible device online.
• Turbine reporting (statistics, diary, eventlog)
• Management of service and production reports
• Monitoring of wind turbines

Monitoring System
Leitwind Wind Turbines