Grouse Moutain


ViewPod® - Gain Energy & Pleasure

Our mission is creating unique Wind Energy Experiences. The ViewPod® is our concept to Combine the production of green wind energy with something Special. The ViewPod® is an Extension in form of a platform that can be integrated to a single wind turbine or wind park.

  • Customizable: Design your own wind energy experience. Our ViewPod® projects are customizable and can be designed according to your imaginations. As part of a leading technology group we have a long and broad track record of special project.
  • Unique and Remarkable: The ViewPod® can transform every project into something unique and remarkable and has a wide range of application possibilities.
  • Double Revenues: Make a profit when the wind is still and make a double profit when the wind blows. With the new amusement add on to your wind turbine for example you can have people observe the countryside from an elevated or you can make your wind turbine a spectacular landmark viewpoint.
  • Green Energy & Pleasure: The ViewPod® is our concept to combine the production of green energy with pleasure or simple something special. It is the proof that green energy could be more than the production of electricity, it is also an adventure, it is a new experience.


Grouse Mountain, “The Eye of the Wind”- Wind turbine with ViewPod®

The launch of Vancouver's first commercially viable wind turbine provides an enduring symbol of Grouse Mountain's commitment to sustainability and is the most spectacular LEITWIND project so far. Lifting over 290 tons of components represented a monumental feat to erect the three tower sections, hub, generator, nacelle, ViewPod® and three blades.


  • First commercial wind turbine in Lower Mainland
  • 25% of Grouse Mountain’s operational electricity needs are expected to be off-set
  • Construction elements from four continents
  • Unique Panoramic ViewPod®

The revolutionary wind turbine is completely privately funded without any subsidy, and is capable of producing 1.5 megawatts of energy. The Eye of the Wind is expected to off-set up to 25 per cent of Grouse Mountain's entire operational electricity needs annually.

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