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COVID-19 confronts us all with challenges. Stay safe.

COVID-19 confronts us again with challenges. In order to counter the pandemic, the worldwide motto has to be: Stick together, but with a distance.

LEITWIND will continue to be available for you by phone or email!
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Behind the scenes at LEITWIND

Interview with our Project Manager Caterina Baldo

Caterina Baldo from Trentino (Italy), has been working as a project manager for three years at LEITWIND and LEITNER ropeways, at the company headquarters in Vipiteno (Bolzano).

How did you come to be a project manager at LEITWIND?
The LEITNER Group, which LEITWIND is part of, is an international company that is well known throughout Italy. As soon as I’d finished my technical studies, I just sent off my application on the spur of the moment. I’ve now been part of this great group for six years. I started out working in the Quality department, but I’ve been one of the project managers in the LEITWIND and LEITNER ropeways team for three years now.
The work of a project manager is very varied: you pull together and manage all the threads in a wide range of processes and, obviously, between various departments. I have overall responsibility for starting, planning, designing, carrying out, monitoring, inspecting and completing a project.

How is a typical day in the life of a LEITWIND project manager?
There’s no such thing as a typical day, really. Some activities are repeated, but the fact of applying them each time to a different project makes them unique. The objective of a Project Manager is to respect times and costs defined by the project, as well as to carry out quality work for customer satisfaction. No matter how well you try to organize your work, unforeseen events can always happen, but with the collaboration and availability of all colleagues you always get an optimal solution. This work allows me to grow day by day and always learn something new.

What is particularly important in your work as a project manager?
Personally, I think it is particularly important to really know your clients, to visit the construction site and to understand the heritage and the local area where the project is being developed. After all, we don’t just work with machines, we work with people as well: for a project manager, easy communication and mutual understanding can make work a lot easier.

Why did you decide to work as a ropeway and wind-power project manager?
I find both wind turbines and ropeway systems really interesting: they are often large and complex projects. Every project is different: there is always something new to learn, individual solutions to be found and a wide range of challenges to be addressed.

Describe LEITWIND and its team in three words.
Ours is a young and very helpful team. Projects are always different, we need flexibility, so we are privileged to be able to work with a lot of freedom and initiative.


LEITWIND - Read the new WindChannel Magazine

The 6th edition of the WindChannel, LEITWIND’s customer and partner magazine has just been released. The new edition is packed with information about LEITWIND developments and new projects.

From the recovery of the Italian market to further wind power plants to be installed in Greece, the magazine covers a wide range of various topics. Certainly, there are also news from the LEITWIND R&D department: The rotor blade model "LS39-H", which will be used for the LTW80 wind turbine of the "Typhoon" class, has successfully passed a whole series of load tests. Caterina Baldo works in a male-dominated field and tells us about her daily work as project manager at LEITWIND.

Read the WindChannel Magazine online here!

Anyone interested in a hard copy can contact


Behind the scenes at LEITWIND

What do you do?
Interview with Remo Sanna, Customer Support technician at LEITWIND

Remo Sanna, originally from Sardinia (ITALY), grew up in Vipiteno (BZ), and has now been working for six years as a maintenance technician in the LEITWIND Customer Support Department at the company's main site in Vipiteno. 

What does a customer support technician do?
As a customer support technician, I am responsible for providing support and maintenance for our various systems / for various systems. I have regular jobs to perform, such as routine maintenance, but I am also always available, if there is a problem or unexpected issue at a site, because these situations need to be resolved quickly. 
Some ot the activities involved in the commissioning of the wind turbines are also performed by our technicians. I find these turbines incredibly interesting: working on them is exciting and I never get bored. My job also gives me the opportunity to travel far and explore new places and cultures.

What does a customer support technician do when not on the field?
Even in the office, the work is really varied: I juggle drafting reports on completed operations and preparing for upcoming service runs in the field... I organize retrofits, perare material, and answer emails and phone calls dealing with a huge range of issues. 
But while I'm in the office, it is the preparation for the next operation that takes up most of my time: everything needs to be planned a Long time in advance, so that I can do the best possible job. This is the way I have always worked. In fact, I love mountains and climbing: the same principle applies here, you need to plan for every eventuality in your mind beforehand so you have everything you might need to be able to finish the tour without any stress or problems. 

What role does safety play in your work?
The issue of safety is very important, especially for customer support technicians. We don't work on standard sites, especially when we're dealing with wind turbines, where we are exposed to a range of risks: high voltage electricity, moving mechanical parts, the heights we have to work at, heavy weights. You could almost say that we sometimes work at the very limit. In some circumstances, even the tiniest mistake can cost lives, which is why technicians must always work in pairs: if one stumbles and falls from the top of the tower, he'll just hang there and can't climb back up. After 30 minutes, even if he's not injured, there is a serious risk of suspension trauma. The blood vessels in the legs are compressed by the harness and the entire body is in a position that puts the internal organs under stress. The other technician must quickly set up the evacuation kit (cable and abseil device) and reach the victim so they can get back to the ground together. 

What can you tell us about safety courses?
In Addition to an annual medical check-up, our support technicians are required to complete three different workplace safety units each year. All technicians must perform the emergency descent on the outside of the wind turbine at least once a year. LEITWIND has offered me the opportunity to become a certified instructor for one of these training courses.

Which skills should a LEITWIND support technician have?
Obviously every support technician or installer should be prepared and willing to travel. You might find yourself away from home for weeks at a time.

Finally, how would you describe LEITWIND and the team in three words?
YOUNG, INNOVATIVE and AMBITIOUS; we want to keep improving in order to meet our customers' needs in the best possible way. 


Good news from Greece for LEITWIND

LEITWIND will supply and install two LTW80 wind turbines, with a nominal power of 1.5 MW each and a hub height of 80 meters

The site of the installation is located at 1,000 meters above sea level, in Central Greece and is characterized by an enchanting landscape nestled between the mountains and overlooking the sea, being only 5 km from the coast of the Gulf of Corinth. 

The figures for the project speak loud and clear: 156 tons for the tower composed of 4 segments, with a total height of 80 meters and 10 tons for each blad with a length of 40 meters. The transport of all these special turbine components will be a further challenge to face: they will have to be transported from the port area to the installation site, located at 1,000 meters above sea level. Nothing, that LEITWIND has not already managed to complete in the past.  


LEITWIND team develops a meteo app for snowmaking

Thanks to the synergies in the Leitner Group, the LEITWIND Research & Development Office developed a meteo-app for the DEMACLENKO snowmaking systems.

Among the many Advantages of belonging to a large Company Group, sustanability plays an important role across it, particularly evident from the synergies between the individual companies. A classic example is the collaboration established between the R&D Department of LEITWIND and LEITNER (cable Transport systems), which resulted in the Production of the first direct drive LEITWIND wind turbine. Here, the direct drive is used in reverse Operation as a Generator. During the last 16 years, LEITWIND has designed many Generators, with nominal power up to 3MW, installing and commissioning more than 365 wind turbines with the LEITNER DirectDrive. 

Now the LEITWIND Team has advised DEMACLENKO, another brand of the High Technology Industries (HTI) Company Group, which deals with the Production and Installation of turnkey snowmaking systems. While for LEITWIND the wind is the key element for being able to produce energy, for DEMACLENKO it is the temperatures and the reliable forecast of the evolution of the weather conditions to assume greater importance, since Windows opportunity for snowmaking are becoming ever Shorter. The R&D Department of LEITWIND has therefore developed in collaboration with DEMACLENKO a meteo-app, which makes it possible to deduce the trend of the wet bulb temperature over the coming ten days to plan snowmaking operations carefully. The forecast is based on current and historic recordings of temperatures and humidity in selected places in the Ski Resort, combined with General weather models (MOS-procedures). It is the most reliable on the market. 


LEITWIND - Read the new WindChannel Magazine

The new edition of the WindChannel Magazine 2019 has just been released. This edition is packed with features about the new products developed by LEITWIND and the new projects.

The topics of the WindChannel include the installation at Guadeloupe – a premiere for LEITWIND in this part of the world, the debut of the LTW90 model on the Italian market, the installation of the new LTW42 at Steinfeld (GER), the repowering of a French wind farm, some very interesting technical articles about wind turbines and a behind-the-scenes look together with Remo Sanna, Customer Service Technician at LEITWIND.

Read the WindChannel Magazine online here!

Anyone interested in a hard copy can contact

Trade fair

Meet LEITWIND at ICCI 2019

LEITWIND will be exhibiting at the ICCI trade Show in Istanbul, Turkey, from the 28th - 30th May.

LEITWIND will be exhibiting at the ICCI trade Show in Istanbul, Turkey, from the 28th - 30th May. Come and join us at the LEITWIND stand, Hall 9 - stand 105, it would be great to see you!

Event overview:
ICCI is Turkey's biggest event for renewable energy and energy Efficiency industry, which is successfully Held since 1994 and regularly attended by 14,000 visitors. 


New LEITWIND wind turbine

Successful collaboration between the LEITNER group and the German energy Group E.ON

The first LTW42 turbine was installed on March 15 in Steinfeld, in Schleswig-Holstein (GER), near the Danish boarder. This first LEITWIND-turbine will be followed by a further 49 turbines by the end of 2020.

The first calculations on the plant in Schleswig-Holstein demonstrate that the turbine will supply the customer’s agricultural business in Steinfeld with 660 MWh of self-produced electricity annually with a reduction of CO2 emissions equal to 370 tons.

The turbine uses the well proven and patented LEITWIND DirectDrive technology. The low tower height of 28m allows a simplified authorization process and an installation closer to buildings compared to conventional wind turbine generators. This is an important argument for potential customers to switch to this particularly user-friendly form of green energy in the future.

Another peculiarity of that wind turbine generator is the grid connection concept, which is compatible to grods of low-voltage at 400V and can be directly connected to the distribution unit of the customer. In this way the customer can self-consume the major part of the produced energy without being dependent on intermediary distributors and without being exposed to the varying feed in tariffs of the energy market. These attributes make the turbine especially interesting for small and medium-sized enterprises, which represent the main target group of this product. 

For Anton Seeber, CEO of the LEITNER Group, the successful installation of this first plant is already a significant milestone in the more than 15-year history of LEITWIND. “What was particulary impressive is that with this system, we quickly developed a pioneering solution together with our partners in order to produce renewable electricity from wind in an efficient and cost-effective way. We were able to demonstrate once again our strength in Research and Development. We are proud that our company contributes to protecting our environment”, explained Seeber.


Leitwind in Alexandroupolis

Debut in the greek market

Debut in the greek market with the construction of a LTW101

In the Greek region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, near the Turkish border and the Aegean Sea, the construction of a LEITWIND LTW101 wind turbine, with a hub height of 93.5-metres, has been completed. The supply contract incuded the planning, delivery, installation, and commissioning of the LTW101 turbine on customer Techniki Ergon’s property in Alexandroupolis. The LTW101 3.0 MW is the largest wind turbine generator currently offered by LEITWIND.

The the area surrounding Alexandroupolis, wind turbine generators are not new. However, it is the first installation of the LEIWTIND in Greece. The Greek wind industry has struggled after years of recession, but is now reinvigorated and LEITWIND wants to become an important player.

The project specifications required the construction of a wind turbine with a maximum power output of 2.6 MW. This means that the LTW101 will be able to generate a maximum of 8.3 GWh per year – the equivalent of powering 2,200 Greek households. The quality and high performance of the LTW101 were crucial factors in the selection of a Leitwind wind turbine generator.

The high degree of flexibility and organizational capacities in Leitwind’s produtcs, event for a single installation, played an important role for the customer.

As well as a planned expansion of the project in Alexandroupoli, Leitwind is extending its generators acress the Greek market as a whole, using both small- and medium-sized generators to accommodate for the geography of the Mediterranean country.

LEITWIND specializes in the construction of small wind turbine generators and small wind farms with hundreds of installed wind turbine generators worldwide.

The project is an expression of our commitment to a greater growth in new markets. With the première in Greece, the company is sending another strong signal,”says Marco Tosi, sales manager at Leitwind.

 “We are convinced of the potential of the Greek wind power market and delighted that we have made a successful start with the first turbine. Through this we are continuing the LEITWIND strategy of recent years,” explains Tosi.

Panagiotis Gkiokas, board member of Techniki Ergon SA, the company that installed the LEITWIND wind turbine said:”We chose LEITWIND to be our partner in our first step as they offered competitive pricing, direct-drive technology and, more importantly, met our demand of installing a single turbine in a tight time schedule.”




Take a look at the new issue 2018 of the Company newspaper WindChannel.

The WindChannel provides you an insight of the LEITWIND WORLD. It appears once a year in spring and is available as an online download as well as a free subscription - to order please write to

Press release



LEITWIND was commissioned by b.ventus, in which the LEITNER Group holds a participating interest with the German E.ON Group, to develop a wind turbine with 250kW power output for the German market.

The wind turbine design differs from all other products on the market. With its big rotor diameter of 42m and the low power output of 250kW, the specific energy reaches a level of 180W/m² which makes the turbine perform perfectly also on sites with very low average wind speeds. The low total height given by the 30m tower allows a simplified permitting process and an installation closer to buildings than for conventional wind turbines.

The turbine uses the well proven and patented LEITWIND DirectDrive Technology similar to the LEITWIND MW-class products, which are installed all over the world. Design assets as active electrical pitch and yaw regulation, control and protection system as of MW class turbines, LEITNER DirectDrive generator and the LEITNER full power IGBT power converter LeitDrive make the turbine an avant-garde product in its class.

The turbine´s most specific asset is however its grid connection concept. The turbine connects to a 400V low-voltage grid, directly to the dispatching unit of the customer. So the major part of the produced energy will be used in own-consumption by the customer itself what increases highly its profitability and makes it independent from public feed in tariffs. These attributes make the turbine especially interesting for small and medium-sized enterprises, which present the main target group of this product.

The first prototype of the turbine will be installed in fall 2018 on a site in the south of Germany. b.ventus offers a complete package including permitting, construction, grid connection, maintenance and insurance for the 250kW turbine. To produce his own green energy the customer has nothing to do except to commission b.ventus. In Germany, customers benefit twice: as a self-sufficient consumer - in terms of self-consumption – their energy consumption is exempted from the feed-in tariffs by means of renewable energies.

b.ventus business concept is a perfect fit for LEITWIND's strategy, as wind turbines must be able to connect to the local energy network, as well as offering high efficiency. The power is supposed to be available directly, without needing to transport the electricity from one place to another. That avoids high infrastructure costs and network losses.

Trade fair


KEYENERGY - Facts&Figures:

  • Italian's biggest energy fair with 1200 exhibitors
  • Over 100,000 visitors
  • 113.000 mq display area
  • 422 Million media contacts

LEITWIND's booth has the number 156 at Hall D7. Come to the KEYENERGY and become acquainted with LEITWIND's bestseller LTW90 1MW and other options like the LTW90 950 kW.

Trade fair

LEITWIND at CREF 2017 in Miami

October 18-20, 2017

CREF, Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum - Facts&Figures:

  • The largest annual gathering of the Caribbean energy market
  • 500 attendees from 50 countries attended CREF 2016
  • Interactive project showcases, awards for project excellence, a day-long workshop on renewable integration, and a focus on critical themes such as grid resilience, new sources of financing, the implementation of storage, driving down project soft costs, and much more

LEITWIND's booth has the number 24. Come to the CREF and learn how LEITWIND could help to reduce energy costs in the Caribbean and everywhere wind exist.

ICCI2017 Istanbul
Trade fair

LEITWIND at ICCI 2017 in Istanbul

May 03-05, 2017

ICCI, International Energy Fair & Conference - Facts&Figures:

  • It is Turkey’s biggest energy fair with its 285 exhibitors
  • It is also the most environmentalist event for it is Turkey’s first carbon neutral fair and conference
  • It is the only international platform where conference, B2B meetings and fair activities carried out concurrently
  • 14,044 visitors, it is the most popular energy fair
  • The biggest energy and environment fair where the energy and environment technologies developed by best suppliers of the sector meet the energy sector and the industry

LEITWIND's booth in Hall 9 Booth H105, illustrating its position as the leading provider of wind turbines in the 1MW sector, with the two products LTW80 1 MW and LTW90 1MW.

Press release


LEITWIND has just launched the LTW90 1MW. The wind turbine, specifically developed for low wind sites, is based on the LEITWIND´s bestseller LTW80 1MW. With its increased rotor diameter of 90m the LTW90 1MW is handing down a new leading edge product in its class, combining the advantages of the well-proven direct drive technology and high performance in low wind conditions. The Type Certificate of LTW90 1MW is on its way.


LEITWIND continues the course of success

Wind of Change.

Reinventing the wind turbine in the spirit of simplicity. The power of wind and the power of people united in an unstoppable duo. LEITWIND was able to establish itself on the Italian, Polish, Turkish, and French markets in 2016.

The support of wind energy is particularly strong in Turkey, where you can generate electricity for personal use without a license and sell any surplus to electricity companies – one reason why demand is increasing. This has meant that two LTW80 turbines have already been installed in Tokat and one LTW80 in Çanakkale. Other turbines are about to be completed.

Outlook for 2017.


Poland is currently the market with the greatest potential. An impressive 550 MW wind power in turbines of up to 1 MW power will be installed by 2020. LEITWIND is one of the most prominent suppliers here and has already managed to win the tender for the first nine 1 MW wind turbines.


Contracts for six new turbines in Italy were already signed and another 7–8 are to be concluded.


A step nearer to our customers. Production of LEITWIND wind turbines has begun in Gilly-sur-Isère, where components such as hubs, machine carriers, and generators are made.


The new LTW90 1.5 MW prototype has already been installed in India. The certification phase has begun for the three variants of the LTW90 – the 1 MW, 1.5 MW, and 2 MW. The LEITWIND 1 MW turbines are particularly efficient and thus ideally suited to less windy areas – the perfect conditions for further growth.

Press release

Turkey, Çorum - Tailwind on the Black Sea

Public tender won by LEITWIND

On June 2016 LEITWIND has won a public tender for 4 Wind Turbine Generators held by Çorum Municipality in Central Turkey and on September 2016  has signed the turn-key contract for the supply of the Wind Power Plant, which will produce about 15 million Kwh of electricity per year, the entire annual consumption of the municipality. This is the second public contract won by LEITWIND with its LTW80 1.0MW wind turbine in the Turkish Market.

With this giant investment, first time in Turkey for a public tender , Çorum Municipality will set an example for other municipalities. Mayor Muzaffer Külcü, who spoke at the signing ceremony attended by LEITWIND Turkey Manager Can Güven and Leitner Turkey Bursa Branch Manager Hasan Onur Oz and Deputy Mayor Alper Zahir , underlining that Çorum Municipality has made an investment of 4 MW in Turkey for the first time as an unlicensed producer, President Külcü said, "This is very important in terms of the vision that our municipality has gained  and also  is much more  important in terms of energy production. When we come to the end of spring of 2017, we will see that wind turbines are starting to be installed. "

When we will be ready to start with the production , the power of 4 MW, we will cover all the consumption of Çorum Municipality for a year.

There are a number of factors which have made LEITWIND so competitive, not least the turbine’s advanced state-of-the-art technology and the offer of a complete all-inclusive package including planning, construction and authorisation procedures, as well as the production, installation and maintenance of the turbines itself. As well as benefits in terms of energy saving, the turbines will also have a positive impact on the employment market, creating new jobs in the local community.

Poland 2x LTW86 1,5 MW
Press release

LEITWIND wind turbines in Poland

EIG SA (ENERGY INVEST GROUP SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA), the Polish bank for the development of renewable energies, provided funding for the client after a long and in-depth due diligence on LEITWIND technology. The first wind turbines are two 1.5MW LTW86 with a hub height of 100m, wind class IIIA, installed in December 2015.


Energy Invest Group S.A. is one of the largest winners of the first RES auction. It will sell over 30% of the energy ordered at the action for new projects. The company ensures that the projects will be carried out in the citizen energy formula providing for involvement of everybody who is interested in investing capital.

Energy Invest Group (EIG) proposed 13 projects to the auction addressed to new RES with the power of 1 MW – all projects were provided support. Nine of them are individual wind power plant projects and four are related to photovoltaic farm projects.

EIG has already completed five wind power plants. They were commissioned by mid-2016 and have operated in the green certificate system. In two of them, brand new gearless turbines Leitwind LTW86 were applied with unit power of 1.5 MW each. Twin turbines LTW86 and LTW90 with unit power of 1 MW are to be used in the wind projects to be carried out as a result of the auction.

... To the article:



" ... The future of wind in Poland remains in peril. Wind projects below 1MW, so consisting of small individual turbines, bid in the same bucket as PV. Although the government aims to support 550MW of those turbines by 2020, ... . The main Player was Italy's LEITWIND. Its 1MW turbines imported from India can produce capacity factors of around 40%, ... "