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Trade fair


KEYENERGY - Facts&Figures:

  • Italian's biggest energy fair with 1200 exhibitors
  • Over 100,000 visitors
  • 113.000 mq display area
  • 422 Million media contacts

LEITWIND's booth has the number 156 at Hall D7. Come to the KEYENERGY and become acquainted with LEITWIND's bestseller LTW90 1MW and other options like the LTW90 950 kW.

Trade fair

LEITWIND at CREF 2017 in Miami

October 18-20, 2017

CREF, Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum - Facts&Figures:

  • The largest annual gathering of the Caribbean energy market
  • 500 attendees from 50 countries attended CREF 2016
  • Interactive project showcases, awards for project excellence, a day-long workshop on renewable integration, and a focus on critical themes such as grid resilience, new sources of financing, the implementation of storage, driving down project soft costs, and much more

LEITWIND's booth has the number 24. Come to the CREF and learn how LEITWIND could help to reduce energy costs in the Caribbean and everywhere wind exist.

ICCI2017 Istanbul
Trade fair

LEITWIND at ICCI 2017 in Istanbul

May 03-05, 2017

ICCI, International Energy Fair & Conference - Facts&Figures:

  • It is Turkey’s biggest energy fair with its 285 exhibitors
  • It is also the most environmentalist event for it is Turkey’s first carbon neutral fair and conference
  • It is the only international platform where conference, B2B meetings and fair activities carried out concurrently
  • 14,044 visitors, it is the most popular energy fair
  • The biggest energy and environment fair where the energy and environment technologies developed by best suppliers of the sector meet the energy sector and the industry

LEITWIND's booth in Hall 9 Booth H105, illustrating its position as the leading provider of wind turbines in the 1MW sector, with the two products LTW80 1 MW and LTW90 1MW.

Press release


LEITWIND has just launched the LTW90 1MW. The wind turbine, specifically developed for low wind sites, is based on the LEITWIND´s bestseller LTW80 1MW. With its increased rotor diameter of 90m the LTW90 1MW is handing down a new leading edge product in its class, combining the advantages of the well-proven direct drive technology and high performance in low wind conditions. The Type Certificate of LTW90 1MW is on its way.


LEITWIND continues the course of success

Wind of Change.

Reinventing the wind turbine in the spirit of simplicity. The power of wind and the power of people united in an unstoppable duo. LEITWIND was able to establish itself on the Italian, Polish, Turkish, and French markets in 2016.

The support of wind energy is particularly strong in Turkey, where you can generate electricity for personal use without a license and sell any surplus to electricity companies – one reason why demand is increasing. This has meant that two LTW80 turbines have already been installed in Tokat and one LTW80 in Çanakkale. Other turbines are about to be completed.

Outlook for 2017.


Poland is currently the market with the greatest potential. An impressive 550 MW wind power in turbines of up to 1 MW power will be installed by 2020. LEITWIND is one of the most prominent suppliers here and has already managed to win the tender for the first nine 1 MW wind turbines.


Contracts for six new turbines in Italy were already signed and another 7–8 are to be concluded.


A step nearer to our customers. Production of LEITWIND wind turbines has begun in Gilly-sur-Isère, where components such as hubs, machine carriers, and generators are made.


The new LTW90 1.5 MW prototype has already been installed in India. The certification phase has begun for the three variants of the LTW90 – the 1 MW, 1.5 MW, and 2 MW. The LEITWIND 1 MW turbines are particularly efficient and thus ideally suited to less windy areas – the perfect conditions for further growth.

Press release

Turkey, Çorum - Tailwind on the Black Sea

Public tender won by LEITWIND

On June 2016 LEITWIND has won a public tender for 4 Wind Turbine Generators held by Çorum Municipality in Central Turkey and on September 2016  has signed the turn-key contract for the supply of the Wind Power Plant, which will produce about 15 million Kwh of electricity per year, the entire annual consumption of the municipality. This is the second public contract won by LEITWIND with its LTW80 1.0MW wind turbine in the Turkish Market.

With this giant investment, first time in Turkey for a public tender , Çorum Municipality will set an example for other municipalities. Mayor Muzaffer Külcü, who spoke at the signing ceremony attended by LEITWIND Turkey Manager Can Güven and Leitner Turkey Bursa Branch Manager Hasan Onur Oz and Deputy Mayor Alper Zahir , underlining that Çorum Municipality has made an investment of 4 MW in Turkey for the first time as an unlicensed producer, President Külcü said, "This is very important in terms of the vision that our municipality has gained  and also  is much more  important in terms of energy production. When we come to the end of spring of 2017, we will see that wind turbines are starting to be installed. "

When we will be ready to start with the production , the power of 4 MW, we will cover all the consumption of Çorum Municipality for a year.

There are a number of factors which have made LEITWIND so competitive, not least the turbine’s advanced state-of-the-art technology and the offer of a complete all-inclusive package including planning, construction and authorisation procedures, as well as the production, installation and maintenance of the turbines itself. As well as benefits in terms of energy saving, the turbines will also have a positive impact on the employment market, creating new jobs in the local community.

Poland 2x LTW86 1,5 MW
Press release

LEITWIND wind turbines in Poland

EIG SA (ENERGY INVEST GROUP SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA), the Polish bank for the development of renewable energies, provided funding for the client after a long and in-depth due diligence on LEITWIND technology. The first wind turbines are two 1.5MW LTW86 with a hub height of 100m, wind class IIIA, installed in December 2015.


Energy Invest Group S.A. is one of the largest winners of the first RES auction. It will sell over 30% of the energy ordered at the action for new projects. The company ensures that the projects will be carried out in the citizen energy formula providing for involvement of everybody who is interested in investing capital.

Energy Invest Group (EIG) proposed 13 projects to the auction addressed to new RES with the power of 1 MW – all projects were provided support. Nine of them are individual wind power plant projects and four are related to photovoltaic farm projects.

EIG has already completed five wind power plants. They were commissioned by mid-2016 and have operated in the green certificate system. In two of them, brand new gearless turbines Leitwind LTW86 were applied with unit power of 1.5 MW each. Twin turbines LTW86 and LTW90 with unit power of 1 MW are to be used in the wind projects to be carried out as a result of the auction.

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" ... The future of wind in Poland remains in peril. Wind projects below 1MW, so consisting of small individual turbines, bid in the same bucket as PV. Although the government aims to support 550MW of those turbines by 2020, ... . The main Player was Italy's LEITWIND. Its 1MW turbines imported from India can produce capacity factors of around 40%, ... "